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The prevalence of adenoviral conjunctivitis is extraordinary, with studies documenting adenovirus in a range of 20% to 91% of all conjunctivitis worldwide. Like hurricanes, outbreaks of epidemic keratoconjunctivitis(EKC) have been given names and histories.  Effective measures target prevention.  Treatment is generally supportive, and there is no established antiviral therapy.

Sporadic reports of the use of 5% Betadine irrigation to treat EKC exist. Nevertheless, ineffective antibiotics are widely prescribed resulting in costly and unnecessary use of antibacterial medications, possibly encouraging the emergence of antibiotic resistance.

Our purpose is to confirm the effectiveness of our protocol using 5% Betadine irrigation for treatment of acute EKC and to expand the awareness amongst eye care professionals of this inexpensive treatment for EKC—a common, worldwide, highly contagious and often severe form of conjunctivits with the potential for long term visual sequelae due to corneal involvement.

Physicians Invited To Participate

If you are a licensed to practice ophthalmology or optometry in your State or Country, we invite you to join our study.  Click here to register for the Betadine for EKC study.